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Wed 7th December, 7:30pm
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Jeremy Allen
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Learning With Others
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7th December
7:30 - 9:00pm
90 minutes' CPD
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The traditional way of getting CPD costs money. A lot of money.
Think of the travel, course fees, accommodation. The time out of clinic.
Try NOT to think about the time away from friends and family.
Now there's a better way.

The Academy

is helping hundreds of osteopaths, chiropractors, physios and sports therapists save money and get all their CPD
(including the learning with others) ...from their desktop

How are we doing this?

Every month, we deliver up to 3 hours' live CPD, direct to your computer.
It's live, interesting, entertaining.
Interviews you can join in with - and it's Learning With Others.

Think Jonathan Ross meets Physical Therapy!

It's NOT a webinar.

It's CPD TV.

And it's "Learning With Others".

And what's more...

- Reviews of current research
- Podcasts
- Superb hands-on courses
- A library of all previous material

...and it all counts towards your CPD