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Isn't it a shame that

CPD is always so far away?

Travel costs money.

Time out of clinic costs money (lots of money).

The Academy is helping hundreds of

osteopaths, chiropractors, physios and sports therapists

save money and get all their CPD

(including the learning with others) ...from their desktop

How are we doing this?

Every month, we deliver up to 3 hours' live CPD,

direct to your computer. It's live, interesting, entertaining.

Interviews you can join in with - Learning With Others.

Think Jonathan Ross meets Physical Therapy!

It's NOT a webinar - it's CPD TV.

And what's more...

- Reviews of current research

- Podcasts

- Superb hands-on courses

- A library of all previous material

... it all counts towards your CPD


Here's What Other Practitioners Say...
Tilly Vesley
"Saves time, saves money - brilliant!" Tilly Vesley Bedfordshire
Jerry Ketola
"What a wonderful idea to make CPD events available worldwide" Jerry Ketola Finland
Emily Kenyon
"CPD courses are so far away! This will make CPD easier." Emily Kenyon Cornwall

James Booth MSc DO

Consultant Osteopath to The Queen's Medical Centre Nottingham

  "The Academy is a fantastic new way for osteopaths across the country, and even the world, to learn and communicate. ┬áIt takes the effort and frustration out of getting your CPD, it helps keep you right up to date, and it promises to be fun!"