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Spondylolistheses with Nick Birch

This is the final edit of our interview with Mr Nick Birch FRCS (Orth), a highly experienced Consultant Spinal Specialist. The full transcript is now available and a more concise briefing paper will appear in due course. Your certificate for 90 minutes’ “Learning By Oneself” CPD can be obtained by clicking the right-hand button below the video pane. These will provide you with a useful aide-memoire and a record for your CPD portfolio.

SIJs and Piriformis with Paula Clayton

Paula is a very experienced physiotherapist, who has spent the last 13 years (amongst other things) working with the most elite of British sportsmen and women. She has a particular interest in tendinopathy, but has also recently published a book on Sacroiliac Dysfunction and Piriformis Syndrome. In this broadcast Paula discussed the latest in diagnostic and treatment protocols, while also dealing with the management of patient expectations.

Orthopaedic Case Histories with Nick Birch

Nick Birch became a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in 1996 before specialising exclusively in spinal disorders in 2002. After building a very successful private practice over the last decade he now only works within the private sector. He is a very experienced surgeon and regularly participates in lectures and teaching across Europe. Nick is also a very keen supporter of conservative rehabilitation where possible having close links with experienced professionals of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Pilates around the region. In this broadcast we looked at a number of case histories, including related imagery, and discussed treatment options.

Spinal Surgery with Nick Birch

Nick Birch is an orthopaedic consultant who specialises in backs. He is also a great fan of physical therapy and the value of a combined approach in getting the best result for his patients. Here he talks about the latest spinal surgery techniques (with the aid of some very explicit video!).