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GDPR with Simon Butler & Paul Grant

Find out how to get your arms around GDPR and grasp which part of the regulation speaks directly to the practice. The discussion provides an in-depth overview of the regulation and what practitioners should understand about privacy policy as it applies to the processing and retaining patient data and notes, transferring goodwill, data breach and security precautions, seeking consent, marketing and communicating to patients. All of these require strategic and timely compliance efforts across the practice. Learn more from the discussion!

Informed Consent with Paul Grant

Find out the most recent thinking about getting informed consent from patients and keeping correct clinical notes. Includes amazing advice from a patient with Asperger’s on how to make your clinic and staff less stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Lightning Process with Phil Parker

The lightning process teaches patients to access and gain active control over their autonomic nervous system in order retrigger good physiology.

Advertising Standards

This is the final edit of our interview with Jane Eldridge, Head of Casework at The ASA; Tim Walker, Chief Exec at the General Osteopathic Council; Jonathan Field, a Trustee of The Royal College of Chiropractic; and Maurice Cheng, Chief Exec of The Institute of Osteopathy. The full transcript of the discussion of the discussion can be found below, together with a link to generate your certificate for “Learning By Oneself” CPD. As soon as we can, we’ll post a more concise summary of the discussion. This will provide you with a useful aide memoire, and a record for your CPD portfolio. The supporting material below is not exhaustive, but provides an illustration of the work of the ASA.

Safeguarding Children with Lianne Murphy & Nicci Vella

Lianne Murphy is a barrister and part-time judge, specialising in non-accidental injury, and has dealt with many instances of domestic abuse, including abuse against children. Nicci Vella is a senior, independent social worker who also specialises in domestic violence. She is the author of the acclaimed handbook “Domestic Abuse Is Never Acceptable”. In this recording, Lianne and Nicci discuss the signs of child abuse which may be evident in clinic, the actions to be taken by, and responsibilities of, therapists.

Informed Consent with Pippa Bark-Williams

Pippa Bark-Williams, Principal Research Fellow at University College London, explains the science of communication, and the procedures for obtaining valid, informed consent.

The View from GOsC with Tim Walker

In this interview Tim Walker, GOsC Chief Executive Officer, explains the role of the council, its new approach to CPD, and the complaints process. He also addresses questions from the live audience concerning real issues they have with CPD, marketing and fees.