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The Bare Truth with Matt Wallden

Is barefoot running bad for you? How does it work and what is good or bad about it. Covering running and walking gaits, deformities of the foot, plus the impact of different running shoes and running barefoot. Common injuries from running and how to treat them are also discussed.

Hip Surgery with Johan Witt

Mr Johan Witt has over 35 years’ experience as a doctor. He is currently an orthopaedic consultant at UCL Hospital London, where he specialises in the hip. He has a particular interest in hip preservation, and in this broadcast he discusses the modern approach to protecting hips which may be vulnerable to degeneration, his minimally invasive approach to surgery and the measures which are necessary for both rehab and rehab.

Hip HVT Technique with Laurie Hartman

Laurie Hartman is renowned across the world for his minimal leverage technique. In this recording, however, he demonstrates an HVT technique for the correction of a restricted hip joint – a technique which has enable many patients to delay or forego hip replacement surgery.

Gait Analysis in Clinic with Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett is a podiatrist with over 20 years’ experience in gait analysis. For many of those years he has also incorporated force plate technology into his practice, as an adjunct to his conventional assessment protocols.

Back by popular demand for a second appearance, in this broadcast he runs through the different problem foot-types, and demonstrates his own gait analysis procedure.

All About The Foot with Bill Ribbans

Prof Bill Ribbans is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, with a particular interest in the foot. He is the Director of The Chris Moody Centre in Northamptonshire, a very highly regarded, multi-disciplinary injury rehabilitation centre, and has a PhD in the orthopaedic aspects of immune-compromised patients. In his private practice he deals with a wide range of issues, from tendinopathies to joint replacement.

Examining the Knee with Andrew Unwin

Andrew Unwin is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who also heads the Windsor Knee Clinic. He specialises in ACL injuries and also in knee osteotomy, but in this video, he discusses the orthopaedic approach to examination of the knee in clinic.