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Understanding Pain with Mike Stewart

This is the final edit of our interview with Mike Stewart, Chartered Physiotherapist and founder of Know Pain, an organisation established to further not just the understanding of contemporary neuroscience related to pain, but also to help clinicians better explain complex neurobiology to patients. The full transcript of the discussion can be accessed by clicking the button below the video panel. A more concise briefing paper, and the certificate for 90 minutes’ “Learning By Oneself” CPD will be available later today. As soon as we can, we’ll post a more concise summary of the discussion. This will provide you with a useful aide memoire, and a record for your CPD portfolio.

TMJ and Facial Pain – Andy Toy

Causes, treatment, and remedies for temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain. Learn how to think about occlusion, bite, and TMJ movement in your patients.

Whiplash with Chris Worsfold

He has appeared on various BBC television programmes and has spoken at the UK’s parliamentary Transport Select Committee as an expert in this topic. He has a wealth of experience in the medico-legal aspects of whiplash.

Release Bodywork with Phill Hunt

Phill has over 30 years’ experience as an osteopath, and has developed an approach to treating patients which is highly effective and truly holistic (in an age when elsewhere that term has become overused and abused to the extent that, in many circumstances, it is meaningless) His approach has strong psychological and physical components, which he will be demonstrating with the help of a real patient.

Understanding Pain with Tim Beames

Understanding pain is a key issue for all of us. Tim Beames, a chartered physiotherapist by profession, has a lengthy history in both pain management and education in the UK, Europe and in Australia. He is a leading member of the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute and what he has to say is invaluable in achieving better results for your patients in clinic.

The Cranial Approach with Nick Woodhead

Nick Woodhead is one of the founding directors of the Rollin Becker Institute. He is also a lecturer at The British School of Osteopathy and at The Vienna School of Osteopathy, with over 20 years’ experience in the cranial approach.

Complex Regional Pain with Paul Browning

Paul Browning is a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at The University of Hertfordshire. He has specialised in understanding pain for many years and in this interview talks about recognising, treating and preventing CRPS.

Treating Dystonia with David Vaux

David Vaux is an osteopath with considerable experience in treating elite performers not only in sport, but also in the performing arts. Here he discusses his approach to treating dystonia, and shows how a well constructed rehabilitation programme can dramatically improve a sufferer’s quality of life.

An Open Forum with James Booth

James Booth, consultant osteopath at the Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham’s spinal unit, talks about the value of working in the QMC, the roles of the various professionals, their relationships and pain management generally.

Red Flags with Barry Jacobs

This is a re-recording of Barry’s presentation on red flags. There will be minor differences between this and the live version (not least the location!),