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Gokhale with Clare Chapman

An approach to pain-relief through posture, based on examination of primitive activity, with implications for standing, sitting and walking.

The ‘Math’ of Core Stability with Matt Wallden

Core stability training: exercises to give and avoid when working with patients. Making core work relevant to daily activities. Analysis of the role of sit-ups, strength conditioning and core activation exercises, with demonstrations of functional exercises appropriate for many patients

Rehabilitation and Technology with Jon Graham

Are these neuro-muscular rehab devices video games or exercises?! Including functional electrical stimulators for muscles and nerves and latest virtual reality technology. We might not use these in clinic, but you need to know how technology is changing rehab protocols.

Release Bodywork with Phill Hunt

Phill has over 30 years’ experience as an osteopath, and has developed an approach to treating patients which is highly effective and truly holistic (in an age when elsewhere that term has become overused and abused to the extent that, in many circumstances, it is meaningless) His approach has strong psychological and physical components, which he will be demonstrating with the help of a real patient.

Technology and Rehab with Jon Graham

Jon Graham is a senior chartered physiotherapist with a fantastic approach to combining technology and hands-on techniques in the rehabilitation of patients, including those with severe stroke or spinal cord damage.