90 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself

GDPR with Simon Butler & Paul Grant

Supporting Material

The documents below have been updated and refined since our interview with Simon Butler. They are intended to provide you with sufficient guidance to meet your obligations under the GDPR, without you having to spend enormous sums on consultants, lawyers or others whose income depends on their convincing you that a huge amount of work is necessary.
Seriously, these are all you need. Do not feel that you should be spending large sums of money on the premise that expensive=good. The GDPR is simple to comply with!

The “Soft Opt-In”
ICO Deputy Commissioner Steve Wood explains the “soft opt-in” process on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live.
The full programme, which discusses the GDPR in greater depth, can be accessed here: Money Box.
The link can be accessed by clicking the image to the left.