Recorded Broadcasts

Mobiliser (Back in Action) with David Newbound
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself
Diagnostic Ultrasound for MSK Therapies
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself
b12 image
Vitamin B12 with Tracey Witty
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself - Low Vit B12 can cause MSK symptoms.You MUST watch this show
The role of Pilates in Therapy with Karen Grinter
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself - A mixture of theory and practical exercises that you can use in clinic.
The Power of Placebo with Jeremy Howick
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself - How important is the placebo effect to us as therapists?
Breast Cancer with Liz Carson
Should you treat someone with cancer? Should you be scared? Is it safe?
Rock Tape with Daniel Lawrence
Some useful tips and taping advice from Rock Tape.
Lower Limb Tendinopathy with Daniel Lawrence
The current rehab protocols and some great science about tendon injuries.
Yoga as a Therapy for Persistent Pain with Anji Gopal
The exercises in this show aren’t your normal yoga exercises.
Fatigue with Dr Nigel Hume
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself The dynamic Tablet-Avoiding GP discusses what you need to know about fatigue
Latest developments in laser therapy – clinical applications
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself The latest developments in laser therapy and what it can do in your clinic
APM Christmas Special
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself Two osteopaths and a physio discuss how to treat and rehab some interesting Christmas injuries
Protecting Your Data
45 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself Have you been hacked? Would you know if you had? Get computer-savvy with this data protection show.
Women’s Health: Revisited
90 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself Gynaecology, nutrition, plant-based diets and more gynaecology.
Case-Based Discussion with Nick Birch
45 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself Three fascinating case histories discussed with spinal consultant Nick Birch.
Osteo Treating feet / Runners
Treating The Runner: Revisited
90 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself How you can help runners improve, avoid injury and keep running.
Spinal Oscillation with Tim Sparrow
90 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself Looking at how oscillation works and how to apply it. Technique theory and practice.
Osteo & Chiro CPD Changes
CPD Changes and Planning
CPD Changes and Planning with Ruth Tarry and Jos Drew: Your questions answered in a friendly, informal chat. Clinical audit fears put to bed!
Surviving the Complaints Process
Do you know what will happen if a patient complains about you? If not, you need to watch this.
Case-Based Orthopaedics
Unusual cases and MRIs, all discussed with spinal consultant Nick Birch and a multi-disciplinary therapy team. So much to learn!
Exercise-focussed Rehab/Conditioning for the Restoration of Function with Claire Minshull
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself - Brilliant, researched, rehab info for you to give your patients.
Business Building with Nigel Botterill
Business-building gold dust, from international marketing superstar Nigel Botterill.
Staff & Associates – Clinic Concerns with Donna Obstfeld
90 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself. All you need to know about staff/associate troubles.
Surgical Podiatry with Emma Supple
Heel pain, metatarsalgia and more: the podiatric surgeon's views on treatment
Central Sensitisation with Matt Wallden
Matt Wallden, osteopath and Associate Editor of The Journal of Movement and Bodywork Therapy, discusses the factors in central sensitisation.
Posture: The Gokhale Method with Clare Chapman
An approach to pain-relief through posture, based on examination of primitive activity, with implications for standing, sitting and walking.
Control Ain’t the Goal with Joanne Elphinston
Are we stabilising our patients too much? Too much core work? Do you need to change your approach, or are you bang on with the
Building Your Practice: Accessing Cash
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself
Building Your Practice: Reviews and Testimonials
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself
Building Your Business: Re marketing Facebook
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself
Clinical Exercise Prescription with Matt Wallden
Creating an exercise programme specific to your patient - Matt demonstrates demonstrates useful exercises for back pain, facet joint irritation, muscle spasm and more. Loads
Business Growth: Using Facebook
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Business Growth: Newsletters
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Diabetic Neuropathy with Barry Jacobs
Save your patients from the consequences of diabetic neuropathy through early detection, mitigation, and proper health management. Includes the 3 minute diabetic foot exam.
Business Growth: GDPR Episode 2
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Business Growth: Flyers
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Nutritional Considerations with Matt Wallden
Learn how to determine the metabolic type of your patients as your reference in creating the appropriate dietary and rehablitation approaches for optimal results. The
Business Growth: Making the GDPR Work for You
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
GDPR with Simon Butler and Paul Grant
Find out how to get your arms around GDPR and grasp which part of the regulation speaks directly to the practice. The discussion provides an
Business Growth: Networking
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
The Bare Truth with Matt Wallden
Is barefoot running bad for you? How does it work and what is good or bad about it. Covering running and walking gaits, deformities of
Business Growth: Email & CRM’s
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Business Growth: Video in Business
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Business Growth: Return On Investment
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
Pharmacology with Nigel Hume
Pharmacology presented by The tablet-Aoiding Doctor! Up date your knowledge about the side effects of NSAIDs, statins and steroids (particularly asthma inhalers). Find out how
Business Growth: Building Your Practice Introduction
45 minutes' CPD: Learning by Oneself.
The ‘Math’ of Core Stability with Matt Wallden
Core stability training: exercises to give and avoid when working with patients. Making core work relevant to daily activities. Analysis of the role of sit-ups,
Rehabilitation and Technology with Jon Graham
Are these neuro-muscular rehab devices video games or exercises?! Including functional electrical stimulators for muscles and nerves and latest virtual reality technology. We might not
Consent with Paul Grant and Jo Redman
Find out the most recent thinking about getting informed consent from patients and keeping correct clinical notes. Includes amazing advice from a patient with Asperger’s
Getting the Best from Facebook with Gilly Woodhouse
Maximise your use of Facebook! Learn to to use it to market better. Strategies to expand organic reach, including ways to avoid copyright infringement on
Neutral Spine Principle with Matt Wallden
What is the neutral spine? What is the correlation between posture and back pain? Is there one?! Treatment, research, theories…!
Assessing the Runner with Colin Papworth
Running techniques, shoes and theories. How to assess running/ walking gait patterns and common injuries from running and walking.
Women’s Health with Dr Nitu Bajekal
This show ended up covering more nutrition than we expected! A great insight into pathologies affecting women - what to eat and what to avoid
The Science of Sleep with Dr Neil Stanley
Learn about the science of sleep from the sleep expert! Do you know enough about insomnia, MSK medication and sleep, ways to improve sleep?
Primitive Reflexes with Bob Allen
A bouncy, fascinating look at what happens when your patients have retained primitive reflexes. How can you help manage developmental delays and how can you
Research in Manual Therapy
If you are interested in research into manual therapy this show is a must! We ask you to think about what research is needed? Is
Delivering Therapy Online – David Vaux
A specialist in health promotion for elite athletes and musicians sheds light on what constitutes legal and ethical delivery of therapy online. The 'Move to
Meeting Your CPD Requirements – Steven Bettles
A comprehensive discussion on the changes in the CPD scheme for Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Guidance on pursuing the CPD activities under the new scheme is
Lightning Process – Phil Parker
The lightning process teaches patients to access and gain active control over their autonomic nervous system in order retrigger good physiology.
Marketing your Services – Gilly Woodhouse
Gilly shares her knowledge on different types of social media as means to reach potential patients and build relationships online, and strategies for marketing the
Nutrition – Natalia Kerkham
The medical herbalist and nutritional therapist talks about the different diet types and provided useful dietary advice that helps combat illnesses like migraine and 'leaky-gut'
Spondylolistheses – Nick Birch
Spondylolistheses: symptoms, how they are acquired, the profile of individuals that are prone to them, the clinical tools to use in order to get accurate
Understanding Pain – Mike Stewart
Understanding the complexities of pain and applying broader approaches including appropriate medication to better help people in pain.
Advertising Standards
The role of ASA, the limit of its authority and how the CAP regulations apply to osteopathic and chiropractic practices.
Alexander Technique – Mr Anthony Kingsley
A deeper look into the Alexander Technique, what it is and how you can use it to help your patients.
Radiology – Dr Rajesh Botchu
Looking at the latest medical imaging devices and which are appropriate when evaluating certain conditions.
TMJ and Facial Pain – Andy Toy
Causes, treatment, and remedies for temporomandibular joint disorders and facial pain. Learn how to think about occlusion, bite, and TMJ movement in your patients.
Fascia – Leon Chaitow
Watch the master! The latest on fascia research that will change the way you practice! Do you know where the muscle ends and fascia begins?
Geriatric Care – Mr Shane Roche
Mr Roche has been a doctor since 1980, and a consultant since 1992, specialising in geriatrics. Among his many clinical interests, he includes dementia, depression
Hip Surgery – Mr Johan Witt
Mr Johan Witt has over 35 years' experience as a doctor. He is currently an orthopaedic consultant at UCL Hospital London, where he specialises in
Hip HVT Technique – Laurie Hartman
Laurie Hartman is renowned across the world for his minimal leverage technique. In this recording, however, he demonstrates an HVT technique for the correction of
Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo – Adam Frosh
Mr Adam Frosh is a senior Ear Nose and Throat surgeon, with extensive experience at consultant level. In this recording he discusses approaches to glue
Cardiovascular Issues – Barry Jacobs
What you know you should know, and what you thought you knew, about the CVS: high BP, symptoms, causes, and management of cardiovascular issues.
Whiplash – Chris Worsfold
How to assess and treat whiplash. The latest rehab programmes and research. Really helpful and informative for you and your patients.
Electronic Notes and Diaries – Jeremy Allen
A comprehensive discussion about electronic notes. The advantages and disadvantages of keeping automated notes in terms of security and flexibility of a cloud solution.
Release Bodywork – Phill Hunt
Phill has over 30 years' experience as an osteopath, and has developed an approach to treating patients which is highly effective and truly holistic (in
Electrotherapy: The Weird & Wonderful – Tim Watson
The latest on tissue repair and the link between electrotherapy, manual therapy, and other therapies. Ice treatment, heat treatment and electrical nerve stimulation are all
SIJs and Piriformis – Paula Clayton
Assessing SIJ dysfunction, with great demos for assessing and testing for SIJ pain. Treatment recommendations are also covered.
Respiratory Disorders – Leon Chaitow
Leon Chaitow ND, DO hardly needs introduction. An internationally renowned therapist, he graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1960. He has authored,
Anatomy Trains & the Role of Fascia – James Earls
James Earls is a writer, lecturer and bodyworker specialising in Myofascial Release and Structural Integration. In this broadcast he discussed myofascial tissue and its many
Gait Analysis in Clinic – Dr Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett is a podiatrist with over 20 years' experience in gait analysis. For many of those years he has also incorporated force plate technology
Dry Needling/Acupuncture – Mike Cummings
Originally trained as a primary care physician in the British military (Royal Air Force), Mike now principally devotes his clinical time to the assessment and
Orthopaedic Case Histories – Nick Birch
Nick Birch became a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in 1996 before specialising exclusively in spinal disorders in 2002. After building a very successful private practice over
Dermatology – Olivia Stevenson
Olivia completed her specialist training in dermatology in the West Midlands in 2005 and is a consultant Dermatologist at Kettering General Hospital, where she is
Hand, Wrist and Elbow – Mr Elliot Sorene
Elliot Sorene is a consultant hand, wrist and elbow surgeon. He practises at the King Edward VII hospital in London, together with a number of
Gait Analysis – Dr Paul Barrett PhD
Paul Barrett is a podiatrist with over 20 years' experience in gait analysis. For many of those years he has also incorporated force plate technology
Juvenile Hypermobility and CRPS – Dr Nathan Hasson
Dr Nathan Hasson has over 30 years' experience of working with young people, in particular those with joint hyper mobility. Many of these children experience
Cryotherapy – Colin Brown
Colin Brown has been an analytical chemist for over 30 years, and is now R&D chief at Mentholatum. His interests are in the application of
Hypnotherapy – Christian Baker
Christian Baker is an experienced hypnotherapist with not only a clutch of celebrity clients to his name, but also a Blue Peter badge! He consults
Shockwave and Vibration Therapy – Tim Watson
Professor Tim Watson earned his PhD in Physiotherapy over 30 years ago and has since established himself as a no-nonsense expert on the subject of
Men’s Health – Raj Persad
Mr Raj Persad is consultant urologist at Bristol Royal Infirmary. He has over 205 published articles to his name and has written 5 books on
Safeguarding Children – Lianne Murphy and Nicci Vella
Lianne Murphy is a barrister and part-time judge, specialising in non-accidental injury, and has dealt with many instances of domestic abuse, including abuse against children.
Treating the Cyclist – Warren Hutson
Warren Hutson is an osteopath with a lifelong interest in cycling. He has represented England as a road cyclist, and was the first osteopath accredited
Understanding Pain – Tim Beames
Understanding pain is a key issue for all of us. Tim Beames, a chartered physiotherapist by profession, has a lengthy history in both pain management
All About The Foot – Prof Bill Ribbans
Prof Bill Ribbans is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, with a particular interest in the foot. He is the Director of The Chris Moody Centre in
The GP’s Perspective – Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Dr Malcolm Kendrick is one of the original members of the Centre For Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford. He is a practising GP, and is famous
The Pregnant Patient – Stephen Sandler
Dr Stephen Sandler PhD is a world-famous osteopath, specialising in obstetrics. In this interview, he talks about the problems inherent in treating pregnant patients, as
Technology and Rehab – Jon Graham
90 minutes’ CPD: Learning by Oneself
Taping – Tom Hewetson
Tom Hewetson is a vastly experienced osteopath who has lectured at several of the UK’s most prestigious colleges. He has worked with elite sports clubs,
GOsC and iO: A Double-Header
Maurice Cheng, iO Chief Exec, and Tim Walker, GOsC Chief Exec, talk about the impact their organisations have had on the profession.
The Cranial Approach – Nick Woodhead
Nick Woodhead is one of the founding directors of the Rollin Becker Institute. He is also a lecturer at The British School of Osteopathy and
Spinal Surgery – Nick Birch
Nick Birch is an orthopaedic consultant who specialises in backs. He is also a great fan of physical therapy and the value of a combined
Complex Regional Pain – Paul Browning
Paul Browning is a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at The University of Hertfordshire. He has specialised in understanding pain for many years and in this
How it can go wrong – Laurence Butler
Laurence is a senior lecturer at The British School of Osteopathy, and is also an expert in medico-legal issues. In this broadcast, he discusses the
Hypermobility – Josephine Halsall
Josephine Halsall is an osteopath with a lifetime of experience of hypermobility - she's a sufferer herself. In this interview she discusses diagnostic criteria, the
The Evidence Base- Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Dr Malcolm Kendrick is one of the original members of the Centre For Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford. He is a practising GP, and is famous
Electrotherapy – Prof Tim Watson
Professor Tim Watson earned his PhD in Physiotherapy over 30 years ago and has since established himself as a no-nonsense expert on the subject of
Treating Dystonia – David Vaux
David Vaux is an osteopath with considerable experience in treating elite performers not only in sport, but also in the performing arts. Here he discusses
Viscera Demystified – Kelston Chorley
Kelston Chorley, until recently the Head of Professional Development at the BOA, has spent over 20 years in the field of visceral osteopathy and is
An Open Forum – James Booth
James Booth, consultant osteopath at the Queen's Medical Centre Nottingham's spinal unit, talks about the value of working in the QMC, the roles of the
Office Ergonomics – Lillian Antonio
Lillian Antonio, ergonomist for Herman Miller International, talks about workstation setup, correct seating and how to get the best out of a work environment. Herman
Informed Consent – Pippa Bark-Williams
Pippa Bark-Williams, Principal Research Fellow at University College London, explains the science of communication, and the procedures for obtaining valid, informed consent.
Building Your Practice – Nigel Botterill
Nigel Botterill, Chief Executive Officer at The Entrepreneur's Circle, talks about marketing - what small businesses often get wrong and how it is possible to
The View from GOsC – Tim Walker
In this interview Tim Walker, GOsC Chief Executive Officer, explains the role of the council, its new approach to CPD, and the complaints process. He
Infantile Colic – Clive Hayden
Clive Hayden is an osteopath who specialises in paediatric care, in particular infant colic. In this recording, he discusses the causes of colic, the differential
MRI Interpretation – Alexander Montgomery
Consultant Spinal Surgeon Alexander Montgomery provides an insight into interpretation of MRIs and their relevance in manual therapy. Mr Montgomery practises in a multi-disciplinary environment
Shoulder Examination – Simeon Niel Asher
Osteopath Simeon Niel-Asher and orthopaedic consultant Simon Lambert discuss the pathology and treatment options for frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis. This resource is only available to our
Frozen Shoulders -Simeon Niel Asher and Simon Lambert
Simon Lambert is Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Clinical Lead, Shoulder and Elbow Service at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust, and Simeon Niel-Asher is a UK
Knee Surgery: ACL with Andrew Unwin
This is a recording of Andrew Unwin's presentation on ACL repair and other knee issues. If you're a member, please log in to access the
Treating the Coccyx – Stephen Sandler
Dr Stephen Sandler DO PhD provides expert guidance on diagnosis and treatment of coccygeal pain, with particular emphasis on ethical considerations. This resource is only
Examining the Knee – Andrew Unwin
This is a recording of Andrew Unwin's presentation on ACL repair and other knee issues. If you're a member, please log in to access the
Red Flags – Barry Jacobs
This is a re-recording of Barry's presentation on red flags. There will be minor differences between this and the live version (not least the location!),
An Interview With Laurie Hartman
This training video is available for members only